Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time for some drinking songs.

St. Patrick's Day is nearly upon us! Better start drinking now. If you haven't already. Here's a rundown of what the next couple weeks have in store:

Friday, March 12
I'll be visiting the Daily Planet Morning Show (WPNH 100.1fm) to play some drinking songs live on the radio. It's an early one; I'll be getting there around 6:30am, and I plan to hang around for an hour (or until they kick me out).

Saturday, March 13
My classic rock band No Limitz will be at the Black Cat Cafe in Laconia NH. Not a drinking songs show exactly, but I may sneak a few in on the set breaks. And there will be plenty of drinking either way. This show will be streamed live over the web, and I will post a link that night.

Sunday, March 14
I will be playing a late-night solo show at the Lucky Dog Tavern & Grill in downtown Plymouth NH. This is the bar where JS got me started on the whole drinking songs thing, and it's nice to be back. The show starts at 10pm or thereabouts. This show will also likely be watchable online.

Monday, March 15
Nothing scheduled, but if I'm not too hung over I may take a trip down to the Red Blazer in Concord NH for their open mike night. Matt Langley will be the host that night, and if it's anything like last Monday's open mike, it will be worth the trip.

Tuesday, March 16
Another open night, which I may elect to fill with a visit to Lago in Meredith NH. Linden Mazurka's Live @ Lago singer/songwriter night on Tuesdays is one of my favorites, and I don't get to go nearly as often as I'd like.

Wednesday, March 17
A busy day for sure. It starts with a return to the Daily Planet Morning Show for more drinking songs for the radio crowd. Then I'm off to Ragged Mountain Ski Resort, to play an apres-ski show at Talullah's Tavern. This will be my third St. Pat's at Ragged Mountain, and they always have a good time with it. And that night, my trio (Jimbo's Garage) will be at Shooter's Tavern and Pizzaria in Belmont NH, regaling the folks with tales of drunken revelry.

Thursday, March 18
With luck, someone will have come up with enough money to post bail, and I will get to the business of finding my car, making sure the gear is still in it, and heading home for a hot shower and a nap.

Friday, March 19
Just when you thought it was safe... my trio is off to Tony's Italian Grille & Pub in Thornton NH for a Show Us Your Shamrocks show. It starts at 6:30pm, and by then we may actually remember the fuzzy details of the previous week, and will be happy to share any of those stories that will not incriminate us or anyone else.

Saturday, March 20
There is the possibility of a Weirs Beach show with No Limitz, but it's still up in the air. I will update.

Sunday, March 21
No rest here. Time for another solo show at The Village Perk in Meredith NH. Gregg Grant has done a wonderful job with the reopening of this coffee shop. I got a killer pulled pork sandwich there last time. This show will be streamed live on the web.

*UPDATE* This show has been moved one week forward. I'll be at the Perk on Sunday, March 28 from 1-4pm.

Monday, March 22
It's my turn to serve as host at the Red Blazer's open mike night. At this point, the closest I'm likely to come to the drinking songs material is Margaritaville. But I think if we truly believe, we can keep the spirit of St. Patrick alive the whole year 'round.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Red Blazer.

It was a good open mic night at the Red Blazer last night. Four Concord-area musicians stopped by to play for the decent Monday night crowd. One guy even did a Zappa cover. Fun!

Matt Langley and I switch off weekly as host of the open mic. I will be there on March 22, April 12, and April 26. I have a couple Friday night solo shows there in June as well (the 18th and 25th).

It's a friendly little room, and if you're a musician in the Concord area, come on down on a Monday and we'll make room for you. :)