Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back to normal, whatever that is.

Well that was crazy. The last two weeks have been a blur, and I've got some really good stuff to show for it. Not that I can actually show you yet, of course; the rough mixes that Ken Stringfellow made are way beyond anything I've recorded on my own, but they still need plenty of work before they are safe for public consumption.

All in all, things went extremely well given the limited resources we had to work with. Ken talks about the session in his latest blog, which also details his weekend shows in NH and ME.

Now the waiting game begins. Sort of. Final mixes on these tracks won't happen until November, though there is the possibility of one track being done a bit sooner. There's plenty of photo and design work to be done though.

Oh, and I do still play live shows. In fact, after dropping Ken off at the airport Sunday morning, I headed to The Margate for my weekly beach bar show, and then straight off to play a baby shower. This week is pretty busy too, although I'm taking the weekend off to celebrate Stacey's birthday.

One more thing: the Indiegogo campaign basically covered expenses for the recording session. I'll be setting up some sort of preorder system to try and raise funds for the mixing/mastering portion of the project. Maybe a PledgeMusic campaign, maybe something more simple than that. Details to come. For now, all I know is I'm super excited to put this music in people's hands and heads.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Recording: Week 1 recap

It's Sunday morning. Ken Stringfellow and I spent the week recording, and then we went out on Saturday to play our respective weekend shows. I'm at home now, having coffee before heading out to play a double, and it gives me a chance to finally reflect on what a crazy week it's been.

Working with Ken has been fantastic. He's insightful, spontaneous, and incredibly skilled (at recording AND playing). He's also a worker on a schedule that I cannot fathom; I mean, I stay busy, but take a look at the path he took to get here!

We are making a record I simply wouldn't have been able to make on my own. Add to all of that the fact that Ken is a good (and funny) guy. I had suspected this from the wordplay that turns up in The Posies' songs.

Last week we had to travel to Vermont a couple times, to get the drums recorded. Tod Moses did a great job over there. This week we get to stay at the home studio, building on those foundations. I think we have four songs in the can now, and another one mostly complete. I'm working on bringing in at least one other guest musician this week. And I should probably pick up some more coffee. We're going through a lot of that.

So, we'll record through Friday night, and then Saturday morning I'm driving Ken to the airport; he's off to Texas to record another guy's project. We are looking at mixing and mastering later this year; I anticipate having CDs in hand by year's end.

And I cannot wait to share this stuff with you. Ken is able to make my musical ideas happen, and contribute his own in ways that serve the song. This has been a Hell of a project to put together, and so far, it has been totally worth it. To those of you who contributed to the fundraiser, thank you again. This record is going to be good.