Monday, August 18, 2014

Song Fight! Live 2014

This past weekend, I drove to DC with Holly Furlone to take part in Song Fight! Live 2014. The event couldn't possibly have happened at a better time for me; I needed a couple days of musical fellowship on the road. Travel was easy, the weather was beautiful, and the city was inviting. While we were in town, I treated myself to a growler of pale ale from the Right Proper Brewing Company, and we took a walk to the White House.

The shows went well too; Holly and I played our sets on Friday night, and we competed in the live fight on Saturday. (We didn't win - Manhattan Glutton won with a song I'm pretty sure he was still writing when they called his name.)

On the way home, we made a quick stop at a casino where I won $75 on a slot machine, which filled the gas tank and got us breakfast. A successful trip all around.

Want to watch the shows? They're on Youtube!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The End Of Summer.

It's 5:19am. I played at Rosa Flamingo's in Bethlehem last night, hurried home for a bit of sleep, and now I'm prepping for a breakfast show in Meredith and a beach bar show in Laconia. It's gotta be August. That's when stuff like this happens.

Summer is winding down here in New Hampshire; you can already feel it. There are still warm days to be had, I'm sure. But the nights are cooler, and the dark is coming quicker during my outdoor evening shows. After the winter we just had up here, I knew this summer was going to feel way too short. And sometimes in July and August I forget to pick my head up and look around. It gets so busy. (That is just the kind of problem I WANT to have, of course.)

But while we still have good traveling weather, let's fit in a little nonsense, shall we? On the 15th I'm going to drive down to Washington, DC with Holly Furlone to take part in the annual Song Fight Live shows. I've been pretty lax with the updates here, but I promise I'll come back with stories/photos.