Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tavern 27.

Tuesday 12/17/2013 is my last day at Tavern 27. I've been playing their gorgeous (and slightly ornery) grand piano every Tuesday for a little over a year. And in that time I've become acquainted with some fine business owners and some AMAZING food. If you're anywhere near Laconia NH, you really ought to check it out. They do an American spin on traditional tapas (meaning, of course, larger portions than traditional tapas). There isn't anything like it in this area. And the piano bar goes on, in the capable hands of a couple other local musicians. Dan Carter is outstanding; if you see him, ask to hear an original. Great songwriting style.

As for me, my schedule is pretty busy, and having a night at home on Tuesdays isn't unwelcome at all. (Ask me again in a month though.) And you'll be sure to see me hanging around Tavern 27 from time to time; I've still got a nice big food credit to use up. Reservations recommended; (603) 528-3057.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Album Mastering.

The date for mastering the new CD is set for December 27. How about that, I might get the thing done this year after all! Of course, there won't be physical copies until early/mid January, but all aspects of the project are moving forward.

This record has been a much longer process than any of my others, and it's been interesting to see what that does to the work, and to my impressions of it. In the past, I've put songwriting aside during record making. Not so this time; I could only hold it off for so long. And since it's not just me at the controls, the project can keep moving while I indulge the muse. Nice!

I think I promised you song stories in the last post. Well, I'll try to get some live recordings of the new stuff this Wednesday, and then you'll get all the dirt. But I also have an album cover to be finishing up. Oh, and people ought to have a way to order the damn thing too, yes? Busy busy. And thank goodness for it.