Friday, June 28, 2013

Ready to roll! Almost.

I am taking a break from vacuuming to bring you up to speed on the new album. :)

The studio is almost ready to go! Ken Stringfellow will be in town on Monday, and we're getting right into recording that day. During the first week we will be day tripping to Vermont to record Tod Moses on the drums. The rest of the project will be in my humble basement studio.

A few people have loaned equipment to the project; Michael Kim Cuddihy dropped off his Telecaster this morning, and it is beautiful. (Ken is playing a couple shows on the weekend, and he will be using this guitar for them!) And Rafael Puga has graciously provided a crucial piece of gear - a decent vocal recording mic. I'm still on the lookout for an acoustic guitar that will sound fuller than my old Oscar Schmidt. Time for a trip to the Vintage Fret Shop, maybe.

All right, I gotta keep cleaning. It'll be nice to be past that, and to actually be doing the work of making music. I will update as it goes. Cheers!