Friday, November 29, 2013

Album Update

At 4:38 this morning, I got the mixdowns on the last of the songs from Ken. They all sound great. The album is a little shorter than my others - it'll come in at just over 30 minutes - but there's no wasted space, I can tell you that. We're doing one more day of mix adjustments, and then it's off to the Mastering house. I don't have an official timeline on that yet, but I'm thinking the CDs should be in production before year's end.

It's time to put the preorder system in place. Look for that in the next couple days. I'm also looking around at possible Release Party venues.

And I've written a couple new songs since we last spoke. I'll tell the story of each of them in turn, because they come from pretty unusual places. The first of those will happen later this weekend, right here on this channel. Stay tuned.