Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer recap.

I'm in the home studio this morning, getting caught up on a few things, this summer recap blog post being one of them.

I had 31 shows on the books for the month of August. A cancellation and a double-booking have brought that number down to a projected 29, still pretty damn good. And I managed to find time to shoot a TV commercial for a local bank AND sneak away for a two-day visit to the ocean. Good month!

Oh, and my 10-year-old (Shannon) made his on-stage debut with my classic rock band No Limitz at a show in Alton NH. He has been taking guitar lessons, and he played Sweet Home Alabama with us! (Video coming soon.)

September looks to be almost as busy, and it features a couple very exciting shows - I get to play songs from the new record at a house party for some friends who contributed to the CD fundraiser, and I'm rolling out some drinking songs at the 17th annual Homebrewer's Jamboree!

About that new album: There is the possibility of one track being ready for release by October. The full release will be around year's end. But I'm listening to the rough mixes as I type this, and I'm just as excited as I was when Ken Stringfellow was here recording them. You gotta hear this stuff, guys. Look for some sort of a preorder link soon.

I'm compiling ideas (and willing victims) for music videos. Hopefully next month I can find time to get some people organized and shoot some footage. (There's a fair bit that I can probably go out and shoot by myself, too.) But if you have an interest in helping, and a camera of modern smartphone quality or better, I'll take all the help I can get. :) If you want to help by being part of a big group wearing animal mascot costumes, that would be a big help as well. Nothing VMA Awards-related, I promise.

And hey, what are you up to tonight? I'm hosting the weekly open mic at The Country Cow in Campton. It starts at 7pm. Come out and get yourself some local music! Even better, bring a guitar and join in!